School Governance

Rowayton School Governance Council

The rewards of serving on a School Governance Council can be great. Council members bring their unique experiences and beliefs to the table. The work that they do can influence the lives of children, even after they no longer serve on the council. 

Please see the link below for more information on Rowayton School's Governance Council. 

Principal Joseph Rodriguez co-chair
Parent Brian Filanowski
Parent Meg Warren co-chair
Parent Jill Klein
Parent Lisa Dunne
Parent Christina Vahle
Parent Tori Kramer
Parent Annie Allen
Teacher David Liberatore
Teacher Denise Baril
Teacher Kelly Shipman
Teacher Maura Fried
Teacher Alexandre Kemeny
Community Melissa Yurechko
Community Gina Legnani
CISD Rob Pennington Invited to all meetings

School Governance Information


SGC Meeting Minutes -9/27
SGC Agenda- 10/23
SGC Meeting Minutes- 10/23
SGC Meeting Agenda- 11/20
SGC Meeting Minutes- 11/20
SGC Meeting Minutes- 12/19 
SGC Meeting Agenda- 1/16
SGC Meeting Minutes- 4/24 
SGC Meeting Minutes- 4/30
SGC Meeting Minutes- 5/22


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